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Brian Coleman lies… residents gather media support

Brian Coleman lies… residents gather media support

So after last night’s Barnet Council whitewash debacle, it seems a certain Mr Coleman is under slightly more pressure then he anticipated. Probably still enough for his broad shoulders (or large head?) for the moment but it certainly didn’t go quite to plan. Another great writeup by The Barnet Eye (definitely a good read), an article in the Evening Standard and a piece in the Hendon Times, it seems “the peasants are revolting”.

Not only that but David Attfield, an East Finchley resident and lawyer managed to catch Brian Coleman red handed telling lies to justify the CPZ prize rise. Not difficult to do it seems as Mr Coleman seems less than efficient at the best of times, but nonetheless, a great example of brains over brawn.

David will also be on the BBC News tomorrow (not yet sure of time slot). Will keep you posted. If there is a legal fight to be had, we have the ammunition, we have the support and I for one will dig into my pocket and contribute!

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