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iPad 2 : That was my idea.

iPad 2 : That was my idea.

First up, I really hated that Windows ad campaign “That was my idea”. No, it wasn’t. It was someone else who probaly worked for Apple, MIT, Microsoft or Xerox. It wasn’t your idea and claiming it is is lying. Stop it.

Anyway, that’s the title rant over. So they previewed the iPad 2 yesterday. I watched the video and found myself nodding and ticking off mental tick-boxes in the sky. Tick boxes put there by my dull disappointment at the original iPad. I wasn’t just “not fussed”, I actively didn’t like it. I detailed them in my snappily named post “20 reasons why the iPad sucks“. Interestingly, Googling “iPad sucks” (in quotes) you get 39,700 exact matches. “Mac sucks” gets 35,600 and “iPod sucks” gets 43,000. So a device that’s been out barely a year has roughly the same amount of “sucks” as a product from the same company that has been out for 10 years (iPod) and 37 years (Mac). Not very scientific but I clearly wasn’t alone.

So iPad 2. How did it stack up against my original gripe list?

1) It’s heavy. Fixed

2) It’s sharp and hurts. Fixed

3) It’s hard to hold. Not Fixed

4) It spins. Fixed

5) It’s symmetrical Not Fixed

6) It’s not stereo. Not Fixed

7) It takes AGES to recharge. Unknown

8 ) It has flaky Wifi. Fixed

9) It looks obvious. Not Fixed

10) It doesn’t play Flash. Not Fixed

11) It crashes. Unknown

12) The menu is too airy. Not Fixed

14) The keyboard tries too hard. Not Fixed

15) It has no Word Processor. Not Fixed

16) It has no cover. Fixed-ish

17) It’s not so portable. Fixed-ish

18) It doesn’t have a stand. Fixed-ish

19) It has no camera. Fixed

20) It’s not so new. Fixed

So that’s a very scientific…

Fixed: 9

Not Fixed: 8

Unknown: 2

So will I buy one yet? The Flash thing is still a bit of a stinker for me. And a few of the things I’d like to do using HTML are still painfully awkward (online timesheets or weekly shop).

But it has PhotoBooth! My kids will love it and make the same daft video and faces they don on my mac. So, if I managed to get enough money together or not go on holiday this year, you know what, yes, probably! So that’s nice. The world can sleep easy tonight.


  • And then there’s the Blackberry Playbook about to come out. I went to the launch event in London a month ago and it looked like a contender. Especially as it ran Adobe Air so there’ll be a bunch of flash based apps/games available.

    Or do you just go with the iPad. My experience of the iPad 1 was “if you have an iPhone… meh! If you don’t have an iphone… woooah, this is awesome!”. I have an iPhone and I’m just not that fussed by a ‘bigger one’ just yet.

    Maybe it’s just not to be. I had an Apple Newton back in the day and thought that was hopeless too. :0)

  • You are rather right about all that. . . in typical Apple fashion they will string you along in hopes you upgrade at least 3 to 4 times trying to get the features you wanted in the first generation. . . but they will never ever come!

    That’s why I like Android. . . while it may be rough at times at least they are piling on the features and hardware vendors compete so you have a wide range of form factors to choose form. . .

    The Xoom WiFi may be $539 at Sam’s club

    $539 for the Xoom = $599 for the same level iPad 2

    Xoom has a lot more RAM – iPad 2 is gimped with a very low amount of RAM.

    Add Apple’s proprietary dongles for the iPad 2 $40-$80 – Xoom looks even less expensive.

    Better cameras in the Xoom, HD display, etc. . . Looking better all the time!

    And the Xoom has an SD expansion = unlimited memory = priceless

    Of course . . .
    Honeycomb = priceless!!

    A bargain compared to the iPad 2 at $539!

    I know which one I’m getting!