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GameHack 2012 at Pinewood


To some, this weekend was 24 hours of constant rain and storm force winds. To about 400 dedicated game hackers and makers it was 24 hours of constant RedBull and code. Yep, the inaugural UK GameHack event kicked off in style at the world famous Pinewood studios just outside London.

If you’re new to the concept, these events challenge teams or individuals to come up with something in 24hours (or sometimes 48 hours) from scratch. You can bring a ideas, frameworks and code snippets but the bulk of the work is to be done when the whistle first blows.

So I wasn’t quite sure whether I should be a game creator of go as a general creative helper for anyone who needs me. As it turns out, a fair few others took this initiative, which was great. After the initial presentations and sponsor intros, we all managed to hook up with some needy teams. As luck would have it, I met a bunch of really great, dedicated and most importantly, funny guys to help out on the ‘MiniChe’ game concept.

MiniChe was a 3D mobile game where you follow the exploits of a mini Che Guevara as he tries to take over the world, one city at a time. My role was to create a bunch the UI graphics so the game could be played from end to end. Check out the video below of a ‘work in progress’ video the guys made, you get the idea. Can’t wait to see what the final thing looked like.

I had other commitments on Sunday morning so had to bail at about 1am. The stormy ride back on the motorbike was something I’ll remember for a while too!

Looking forward to seeing more videos from the other amazing projects as they emerge and I’ll definitely be back next year!


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