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App of the week: Monument Valley

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Been playing Monument Valley by UsTwo for a day or so and had to make sure everyone knows about it. It’s stunning. Beautifully put together and super clever gameplay. Think adventure puzzler crossed with MC Escher. So many apps try and do that ‘waffly airy music and arty atmosphere’ thing, but Monument Valley does it with ease.

Very few apps make me smaile as I use them. I found myself smiling a lot and gently nodding in appreciation, partly for the attention to detail, partly for the art style and partly for the sheer madness. There are 10 levels, each will many sub-levels and puzzles to solve. Only issue is that it’s over all to soon. But I don’t hold that against it. It’s worth the money and then some.

Download it for iPhone, iPad now. Android coming soon (apparently)

Bonus: If you’re into that kind of app and you haven’t played Little Inferno, you won’t be disappointed either. It’s a bit old now but still in my top 10 list. No spoilers but if you manage to get to the end, it’s amazing.

Cookie Clicker – iPhone ‘cheat’

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

I like my cheats a bit old-skool so came up with this way of getting up to 50 clicks per second using a small solenoid to move your finger for you! Lazy? Yes. Cunning? Yes. Practical? No, not really. But hey, it’s only clicking a cookie.

Here’s the science… I used a small solenoid controlled via an Arduino board connected to my computer to ‘tap’ my finger. Took about 10 mins to put together with the help of this great tutorial on Instructables, and even uses the built in basic ‘Blink” Arduino demo code. Easy!

This example is a bit clunky but when you hit the sweet spot, it’s doing 50 clicks per second. More if you tweak the code. In fact, the app hangs it clicks so fast!


UPDATE: I original solenoid in this video was quite weak and didn’t have a return spring (I had to improvise one), so I ordered a new one of Ebay described as “DC 5V 1.1A Pull 5mm Stroke 50GF Force Open Frame Solenoid Electromagnet“. Try searching for that if you want one too. Cost about £3.60 and looks like this…

Incidentally, I did try to make a ‘false finger’ using an old Nerf dart covered in that anti-static bag stuff, but in the end, a real finger was much more reliable. And yes, you could just edit the plist, but where’s the fun in that!

Right, back to doing important things…