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Just found my first 3D engine…

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

My last post reminded me of the dark days of Macromedia Director. In 1999 (yes, they had the internet then), a new version of Director introduced ‘quads’, which were like deformed squares. I figured I could use them to make polygons… and therefore a basic 3D engine. Here’s what I made…

Note: It requires Shockwave, which you probably don’t have. And even if you do, there will probably be a yellow bar at the top of your browser you didn’t notice. Good luck


Try clicking the little circles and moving the sliders to change the basic lens and scale. You can even grad it! Wow!

Annoyingly, the next version of Director had 3D built in, so my smile was short lived. Not exactly the latest webGL masterpiece but hey, it doffs a cap to the pioneering spirit we’re seeing once again.

WebGL ray-traced water? Check!

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

For a good while now, HTML5 vs Flash has been the main battlegound for who ruled the browser when it came to eye candy. WebGL has been gaining a lot of momentum. It adds hardware accelerated 3D to the browser so you don’t need plugins like Unity or Flash.

Now it’s just getting silly what you can do in a browser with WebGL. Check out this AMAZING demo from Evan Wallace. The water physics are a little off (although still brilliant) but the rendering is just beautiful – ray-traced, caustic lighting and in real time. Be sure to check the other demos at his website