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Joint in the Pressup Challenge!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

On Jan 1st 2015 I started the pressup challenge. Starting with 1 pressup, I added one for every day of the year. I.e. on day 60, I did 60 pressups that day. It’s finally new year’s eve 2015 and todays total was 365! Here are the final 50…

If you’re interested in joining in for 2016, you can keep count of your pressups with a quick web-app I made:

Classic Pressup Challenge: Add a pressup each day:

Alternative Pressup Challenge: A set number each day:


Cheating mobile step counters

Monday, May 4th, 2015


Got involved in an inter-agency stepping competition using an app-based pedometer. It seemed kinda accurate but inevitably, my curiosity drifted towards trying to figure out how to automatically gain steps while watching TV.

Cue my trusty Arduino, a small RC car servo, some blu tac and some precisely tweaked variables. Took a while to find the optimum ‘swing, pause, swing back’ timings. Too quick and it didn’t register the pauses either end. Too slow and it didn’t think it was a complete step. Eventually arrived at the Goldilocks setting. Just right.

Here’s the result. Works with a FitBit too btw.

Cookie Clicker – iPhone ‘cheat’

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

I like my cheats a bit old-skool so came up with this way of getting up to 50 clicks per second using a small solenoid to move your finger for you! Lazy? Yes. Cunning? Yes. Practical? No, not really. But hey, it’s only clicking a cookie.

Here’s the science… I used a small solenoid controlled via an Arduino board connected to my computer to ‘tap’ my finger. Took about 10 mins to put together with the help of this great tutorial on Instructables, and even uses the built in basic ‘Blink” Arduino demo code. Easy!

This example is a bit clunky but when you hit the sweet spot, it’s doing 50 clicks per second. More if you tweak the code. In fact, the app hangs it clicks so fast!


UPDATE: I original solenoid in this video was quite weak and didn’t have a return spring (I had to improvise one), so I ordered a new one of Ebay described as “DC 5V 1.1A Pull 5mm Stroke 50GF Force Open Frame Solenoid Electromagnet“. Try searching for that if you want one too. Cost about £3.60 and looks like this…

Incidentally, I did try to make a ‘false finger’ using an old Nerf dart covered in that anti-static bag stuff, but in the end, a real finger was much more reliable. And yes, you could just edit the plist, but where’s the fun in that!

Right, back to doing important things…

A-Team Action Pack : FREE iPhone app

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Yes folks, it’s finally gone live! Those that know the in’s and out’s of this one will know what I mean.

If you’re a fan of the ’80s A-Team then this is for you. It was created to raise awareness of the A-team TV episodes that are available on iTunes.

So download it NOW, IT’S FREE!!! Then get to work creating your backing sound effects, shaking your iPhone to make machine gun sounds and ‘lobbing it’ to make a grenade. There are a bunch of voice samples and the original ’80s intro sequence from the TV show as a bonus.

I love it when a plan comes together!

This week, I have been mostly playing…

Thursday, May 13th, 2010


I didn’t really do the Farmville thing. Loved the game structure and concept, just found the idea of town-based digital types ‘playing’ at being a farmer rather lame. Clearly I’m in the minority but my farming family background just won’t let me do it.

I’m also not that keen of football. And it’s probably the only genre of game that I can’t play either. Never really got past the first few seconds of any console football game. Kinda surprised in Bola though. It has all the hallmarks of something I should hate. Football, management game and a mini-football game to play too. Yet it’s brilliant. It’s very Farming in feel but clearly is trying to tap into the world’s most popular ‘real-world’ game.

Why is this interesting? Well all the people who have been addicted to Farmville just aren’t picking this up. They’re ‘Farmvilled out’. They’ve reached that cliff where they suddenly realise “Hang on, this is absolutely pointless!”… and they go about their normal lives actually talking to real people and who knows, doing real gardening. All the people that stood, dazed at the side line of Farmville tutting seem to welcome Bola. It’s like a ‘Thank god, a game that doesn’t make me look lame” moment. Ding, ding, social gaming round two…

I also notice they are now the 3rd most popular app this month on Facebook. Now there’s your business model…

PLAY IT here.

Split/Second on Facebook

This is the Split/Second Facebook app to help promote the console game. First up I have to confess, I helped make this but what struck me was the simplicity of the game and the power of several robust game principles when they come together in the right mix:

1) Game trailer are the best thing to sell games. Why not use the trailer AS the game.

2) Keep it simple, it’s Facebook!

3) Make the scoring mechanism granular enough to generate varied scores

4) Show your friends in a leader board – this REALLY hikes the replay factor

5) Create a game where YOU fail because of YOUR skills. You are compelled to prove yourself.

6) Stick it on Facebook, the biggest community on the web.

Several people have figured out a way of boosting your scores by gambling everything on guessing the next sequence. It’s infuriating simple but has so many ways to go from hero to zero.

PLAY IT here… my current high score is 8268 btw

Panfu virtual world

I only mention Panfu as it was the first site my daughter (9) actively recommended to me. Her friend had mentioned it at school and she’s seen a few adverts on TV. So I took a sneak peek to see what it was all about. In a nutshell, Club Penguin with Pandas… but not quite so good. The clincher for my daughter was the panda factor, nothing more.

Curious to see what becomes of it. Whether it gains traction and gets better or becomes abandoned. I only met 2 other pandas when I roamed around for 10 minutes or so. Watch this space kids!

My first iPhone app…

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Yep… I make my first iPhone app and it really is that simple to compile. No reason for the Chuck Norris image really, I had to use something. I don’t actually have an iPhone yet so I even find the emulator fun to play with at the moment.

The Xcode development platform absolutely rocks but if I’m honest, I only get half of it. It really is a half and half thing. The half I get is the interface constructor, the UI libraries and so on. The half I don’t get is the slightl weird Visual C syntax of the code. If you know C or maybe even AS2 or 3, some of it will be familiar but the rest is propper strange. Most of the answers to “why?” are “because you have to”. Still, I fully realise its my lack of cleverness rather than Apple’s dev platform. They seem to have done pretty well with it so far.

Anyway, I’m off to get some more skill, so watch this space.