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Cheating mobile step counters

Monday, May 4th, 2015


Got involved in an inter-agency stepping competition using an app-based pedometer. It seemed kinda accurate but inevitably, my curiosity drifted towards trying to figure out how to automatically gain steps while watching TV.

Cue my trusty Arduino, a small RC car servo, some blu tac and some precisely tweaked variables. Took a while to find the optimum ‘swing, pause, swing back’ timings. Too quick and it didn’t register the pauses either end. Too slow and it didn’t think it was a complete step. Eventually arrived at the Goldilocks setting. Just right.

Here’s the result. Works with a FitBit too btw.

Huston, we have Kinect data…

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Earlier today I saw “Unnamed Soundsculpture” by Daniel Franke, a really evocative and quite strange video that combined Kinect data, live dance and Processing.

So that got me thinking I should have a go, albeit on a much more basic level. It’s early doors but if you want to get started with Kinect and Processing, there’s a great starter guide here.

So just to prove it really does work, here’s me made out of nothing but depth data.


And this is an example of what the IR camera sees.

The exciting thing is that the depth data is available as a single array of depth points in 3D space, so it’s ripe for fiddling with to create all sorts of effects. Clearly this needs fiddling with, so I’ll post a few creations when I’ve dug a little deeper.

Kinectfusuion: Realtime 3D surface mapping with Kinect

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

My brain hurts after watching this. Not so much from figuring out how they did it, that’s fairly straight forward, more from the possibilities it opens up. Really want to use this in a project really soon.

I’m making this up as I type but here’s a few for starters…

  • Imagine this built into a digital camera so your holiday snaps can be viewed from any angle.
  • Live kids TV will never be the same. No need for real goo any more when you have particle goo on tap.
  • Estate agents will have a great way to let you view properties without actually having to deal with them in person.
  • Student? Scan your food shelf before summer holiday. Scan it when you get back. Compare the two to see if anyone ate you stuff.
  • Get scanned. Keep the data on your credit card and try on all the clothes without going to the store. And the size will be right.
  • Scan your room. The move the objects around in virtual space to see if the TV is better by the radiator after all.

I was going to say crash-scene investigation or high-definition 3D streetview, but that’s been done already by 3D laser Mapping