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Moshlings Theme Park review

Today’s post is by guest writer Sophie, aged 11.

I loved this game!
My favourite thing about the game was the big final rides at the end of every level and the minigames. I think that I liked it because in the minigames, you can earn lightbulbs and gain batteries for further minigames and get the keys to save more adorable Moshlings. It gives you such a good feeling when you see their faces after you rescue them.
I really liked it when you came across a safe containing an egg that you can only open when you find the tool in a further level!
I will definitely tell my friends that it is an exciting, fun-filled adventure with challenging but fun minigames. I hope there will be a next one!
By Sophie, aged 11.
Here’s a watercolour of Scarlet O’Hairia I painted to go with my review.

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