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App of the week: Monument Valley

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Been playing Monument Valley by UsTwo for a day or so and had to make sure everyone knows about it. It’s stunning. Beautifully put together and super clever gameplay. Think adventure puzzler crossed with MC Escher. So many apps try and do that ‘waffly airy music and arty atmosphere’ thing, but Monument Valley does it with ease.

Very few apps make me smaile as I use them. I found myself smiling a lot and gently nodding in appreciation, partly for the attention to detail, partly for the art style and partly for the sheer madness. There are 10 levels, each will many sub-levels and puzzles to solve. Only issue is that it’s over all to soon. But I don’t hold that against it. It’s worth the money and then some.

Download it for iPhone, iPad now. Android coming soon (apparently)

Bonus: If you’re into that kind of app and you haven’t played Little Inferno, you won’t be disappointed either. It’s a bit old now but still in my top 10 list. No spoilers but if you manage to get to the end, it’s amazing.

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