The home of Dino

Welcome… I’m working on the holes!

Due to a “catastrophic server failure” on behalf of my old hosting company (NativeSpace), I lost my entire website and all backups. I’m slowly piecing things back together. In the meantime, please forgive the bare bones, scrappy feel to my blog, it will fill with colour soon…


  • Hey there I have just purchased a bottle of Chanel coco from John Lewis it’s a gift so can’t open to examine bottle but the back and bottom of the box looks a little different to both in your blog of real and fake , I would expect it to be real as it came from John Lewis ?

    • If it’s from the mighty JL, it’s good. My photos are from a while back so the real ones may have changed a little. I buy a bottle every year for my wife so I’ll grab some new photos next time.

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