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Aluminium Joist

Product Launch – Weight Bearing Aluminium Joists

Introducing our newest addition: Weight Bearing Aluminium Joists. Versatile and reliable, they provide robust support for any deck structure. Lightweight yet sturdy, they ease installation while resisting rust and corrosion for long-lasting durability. Say goodbye to cumbersome maintenance with our innovative solution.

Designed to support any deck structure, our new Weight Bearing Aluminium Joists are a strong, versatile and reliable addition to our substructure range.

A durable and high-quality decking support solution, aluminium joists are lightweight enough to put minimal pressure on the structures below, but offer impressive weight-bearing capabilities, providing strong and solid support for your deck. The lightweight design makes lifting, manoeuvring and positioning the joists easier too, which speeds up installation saving time, money and sore muscles if you are building the deck yourself!

Naturally rust and corrosion-resistant, these Weight Bearing Aluminium Joists are made from T6 aluminium which we have powder coated for additional weather protection. This extra coating keeps the elements at bay, so your substructure will be longer-lasting and won’t degrade in the way that timber will – and it certainly won’t need any time-consuming maintenance or treatment during its lifetime.

Precisely manufactured to ensure straight edges and an even deck, the weight-bearing joists only require pedestal support every 1.2 metres, and installation is fast and efficient – the joists can be secured into position using our fasteners which come with self-drilling screws.

The versatile aluminium joists can be used to create a substructure for any decking installation, and are suitable for use when building a raised deck. The joists are powder coated in black so they remain hidden from view – find out more about using Weight Bearing Aluminium Joists to build your decking substructure here:

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