6mm Hidden Fasteners (100 Bag)

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Per Box
  • Bag of 100 hidden 6mm Composite Decking Fasteners
  • Ensures uniform 6mm gaps between boards
  • No visible fasteners – seamless deck finish
  • Plastic T-fastener
  • Stainless steel screws covered in black zinc coating with TORX-15
    screw head
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For fast, efficient and secure installation with no visible nails or screws, our 6mm Composite Decking Fasteners are a reliable and affordable option. The plastic T-fasteners securely attach deck boards to their frame, while reducing installation time and keeping costs low. Attaching to the side of the deck boards, the concealed fixings are barely visible once secured in position and establish a uniform 6mm space between each decking board for a neat and professional-looking finish. These affordable 6mm Composite Decking Fasteners are ideal for cost-effective deck installations. Our plastic 6mm Composite Decking Fasteners are each supplied with a self-drilling screw. Requiring no pre-drilled holes, the self-drilling design makes installation quicker and easier, and the screws are partially threaded, with ridges down the bottom of the shank and an unthreaded shaft directly below the head. Designed for improved force and alignment, the partially threaded screw slides through the fastener and uses compression as well as thread friction to hold the clip and board tightly together. Delivering strength, resistance and easy alignment, the fastener screws are supplied in black to coordinate with the decking fasteners.