Composite Fencing

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Per Kit
  • Each kit is 1.8m x 1.8m (6ft x 6ft)
  • Eco-friendly recycled wood and plastic Composite Fence Panels
  • Dual faced smooth texture
  • Low maintenance – will not rot, warp or splinter
  • 6 Classic colours: Savanna, Amber, Mocha, Stone, Ash, Graphite
  • 3 Premium colours with Dino Shield™: Pearl, Anthracite, Walnut
  • Optional installation; without posts, with aluminium posts, or aluminium railings (to insert into existing concrete posts). Concrete posts are not supplied.
  • Optional; Trellis Screens Top with 4 different designs: Areca, Mosaic, Botanic, Spectrum
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Composite Fencing Panels with Aluminium Posts Garden Create a secure perimeter with a contemporary feel around your home or garden with our attractive Composite Fencing. Strong yet lightweight, our eco-friendly fence panels are each made up of twelve 1.8m horizontal slats, which are quick and easy to install with a tongue and groove profile. The durable recycled timber and plastic composite fencing won’t crack, split or warp in the way that traditional timber fencing does. Retaining the look of wood without the extensive maintenance, the slimline panels are dual faced, so your finished fence will look just as good from both sides and enhance your outdoor spaces from every angle. Each fence panel is finished with a smooth texture, colour matched to complement our Classic and Premium Composite Decking Boards. Choose from 6 Classic colours, or 3 Premium colours which are encased in a water-resistant Dino Shield™ polymer sleeve for additional stain-resistance, scratch-resistance mould resistance and UV resistance to minimise colour fade.

Without Posts

This option is if you do not require aluminium posts, or aluminium railings (to fit to concrete posts).

What’s included in this kit?

  • 12x 1.8m horizontal boards
  • Aluminium top and bottom rail

Aluminium Posts

Concrete Post Exploded View Designed to allow fencing to be fitted in any direction, whether in straight lengths or around corners, our multi-use posts have 3 gaps with groove covers for unused sides (1 provided per unit) and a plastic top cap which simply slots into place to ensure a finished look. A top and bottom aluminium rail are provided, and each post has an aluminium base, 4 bolts to connect to the post, and 4 anchor bolts to secure the post into concrete. Each aluminium post measures 1.8m, 70mm x 70mm.

What’s included in this kit?

    • 12x 1.8m horizontal boards
    • 1x Aluminium top rail
    • 1x Aluminium bottom rail
    • 1x Aluminium post measuring 1.8m in height
    • + 1 extra free aluminium post with all orders.
    • 1x Plastic top cap
    • 1x Aluminium Base
    • 4x bolts to connect the base to the post
  • 4x anchor bolts to secure the post into concrete
  • 4x black plastic bolt covers

Why is there an extra free post?

When installing fencing, you will always require one more posts than the number of fence panels. For examples a run of 8 fence panels would require 9 posts.

Aluminium Railings

(to insert into existing concrete posts)

Aluminium Post Exploded View These composite fence panels can be retro-fitted into new or existing concrete posts to give their traditional design a clean and modern look. Ideal for replacing rotting timber fence panels with a longer-lasting alternative, this panel kit is supplied with top and bottom aluminium rails, and two aluminium fence channels that fit in the groove of concrete posts, reducing the width of the channel. The fence panels then simply slot into the 18mm gap which perfectly fits the depth of the fence panels without gaps or packing. Concrete posts are not supplied.

What’s included in this kit?

  • 12x 1.8m horizontal boards
  • 1x 1.8m Aluminium top rail
  • 1x 1.8m Aluminium bottom rail
  • 2x 1.8m Aluminium fence channels (to fit into concrete posts). These can be cut down to any size. Concrete posts are not supplied.

Optional: Trellis Top

Aluminium Post Exploded View Add a unique and stylish finishing touch to your composite fencing with a 18mm thick, decorative trellis panel, which provides light and visibility while protecting your privacy. Our elegant trellis screens can be used to replace 2 fence slats, creating an eye-catching top panel that adds designer-style interest to your garden. Quick and easy to install, an aluminium top rail simply fits between the fence slat and the trellis, securing it along the entire length. Made from the same eco-friendly, low maintenance recycled wood and plastic as the fence panels, the trellis measures 300mm (height) x 1800mm (length) x 18mm (thickness), and is available in a choice of colours and designs.

What’s included in this kit?

  • 10x 1.8m horizontal boards
  • 1 Trellis 300mm (height) x 1800mm (length) x 18mm (thickness)
  • 1x Aluminium top rail
  • 1x Aluminium bottom rail
  • Optional: Aluminium post kit, aluminium railings, or without posts
Weight 50 kg

Savanna, Amber, Mocha, Stone, Ash, Graphite, Pearl, Anthracite, Walnut

Post Type

Without Posts, Aluminium Posts, Aluminium Railings (for concrete posts)

Trellis Screen

No, Yes – Areca (Black), Yes – Areca (Ivory), Yes – Areca (Anthracite), Yes – Botanic (Black), Yes – Botanic (Ivory), Yes – Botanic (Anthracite), Yes – Mosaic (Black), Yes – Mosaic (Ivory), Yes – Mosaic (Anthracite), Yes – Spectrum (Black), Yes – Spectrum (Ivory), Yes – Spectrum (Anthracite)

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