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2,929 reviews on
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People watching the Euros football in the garden

Why More Football Fans Are Watching the Euro 2024 Tournament from Their Gardens

Football fans are known for their passion and loyalty, often gathering in pubs to cheer on their teams. However, a recent survey by Dino Decking shows a growing trend of fans preferring to watch matches from their gardens. Let’s dive into the survey results to understand why this shift is happening, with a particular focus on the financial benefits.

Cost Savings: A Major Factor

One of the standout reasons for this trend is cost savings. With 12.68% of respondents citing this as a reason, it’s clear that the financial aspect plays a significant role. Watching football in a garden eliminates the need to spend on expensive pub drinks and food, making it a more economical option for many fans.

Cost savings by watching football in the garden

The Rising Cost of Pubs in 2024

In 2024, the cost of living in the UK have seen a significant rise, impacting various aspects of daily life, including leisure activities. According to recent data, the average price of a pint of beer in the UK has reached £4.07, with prices in London soaring to an average of £5.60. For football fans who enjoy a few drinks during the match, these costs quickly add up (Morning Advertiser). Additionally, pub meals, often considered a part of the football-watching experience, have also seen price hikes. A standard pub meal can now cost upwards of £12, further straining the wallets of football enthusiasts.

Financial Pressure on UK Households

The financial pressure on UK households has intensified, with inflation rates recently reported at 2.8% as of May 2024, down from 3.0% in April (Office for National Statistics)​​​​. Many families are looking for ways to cut down on non-essential expenses, and pub outings are often among the first to go. The Dino Decking survey reflects this sentiment, as 12.68% of respondents specifically mentioned cost savings as their primary reason for preferring to watch football in their gardens.

Comparative Costs of Watching at Home

Watching football at home presents a starkly different financial picture. A six-pack of beer from a supermarket costs around £6, significantly less than buying individual pints at a pub. These savings can accumulate substantially over the football tournament, making home viewing a more financially viable option for many fans. 

If you were to watch every England game at the pub and purchase two pints each time, you would spend approximately £40.70 overall, and if you’re based in London, this total would rise to £56. Realistically, watching England play often needs more than just two pints to cope with the emotional rollercoaster of the match. These costs quickly accumulate. By the time the Euros are over, your expenses will likely exceed your expectations.

The Broader Impact of Cost Savings

The shift towards home viewing not only benefits individual fans but also has broader economic implications. With fewer people frequenting pubs for football matches, local businesses may see a decline in revenue. However, this trend also opens up opportunities for companies specialising in home entertainment, outdoor furniture, and garden equipment, as fans invest in creating the perfect home viewing setup.

Why This Shift Matters for Euro 2024

This shift is particularly significant for the Euro 2024 tournament, a major event that draws massive viewership. With fans opting to watch matches from their gardens, the dynamics of how and where people celebrate football are changing. This not only affects pubs and local businesses but also influences the communal aspect of football fandom. As fans invest in their garden setups, the home viewing experience is evolving to offer a personalised, comfortable, and financially prudent alternative to traditional pub gatherings.

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