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2,929 reviews on
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4.7 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
Love Your Garden Episode 1 2020
Dino Decking donated composite boards for Alan Titchmarsh's 'Love Your Garden' episode, creating a safe, low-maintenance space for terminally ill teen Harri. Their eco-friendly, non-slip design ensures longevity and enjoyment for his family.

As Seen On ITV – Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

ITV's Love your garden banner

Dino Decking were delighted to be able to donate decking boards to assist Alan Titchmarsh with his latest garden transformation on Episode 1, Season 10 of ‘Love Your Garden’ in Hull.

Creating a dream garden for terminally ill teenager Harrison Torr, Alan set out to provide a peaceful, wildlife-friendly and low maintenance outdoor living space for Harri and his mother Erica to enjoy. As part of his vision, Alan chose to create a dining space, seating space and walkways through the garden with composite decking, and we were more than happy to supply everything he needed to bring his plans to life.

Alan’s team began by clearing the garden completely, which included ripping out the old and slippery timber decking that had reached the end of its lifespan. With a newly blank canvas, Alan wanted to create a large decked patio area to provide plenty of space for Harri’s family to come together, along with a decked seating space at the rear of the garden and pathways linking the two.

David Domoney said, “Alan has given us quite a bit of a challenge because it is a big garden, not being able to use lawn means we have to look for lots of different alternative surfaces that are all low maintenance as well so I have replaced that old deck that was there made out of wood. This is, in fact, a composite deck, plastic really, so it will never, never rot, needs no maintenance whatsoever and of course is non-slip as well.”

ITV's David Domoney installing Composite Decking
David Domoney Installing Composite Decking

Alan chose Dino Decking boards in Savanna and chose the natural wood grain side of the dual-sided deck boards to be on show. While many customers combine the 2 textures to create a modern finish to steps and edging, Alan felt that using the same decking texture throughout the entire garden helped to unify his design. The Love Your Garden team were able to install the decking easily using our invisible fastener system and their standard tools to create a flawless finish despite Alan’s walkway snaking at complicated angles through the garden, connecting the front dining area to the rear seating area.

Composite Decking Installed on ITV's Love Your Garden
Composite Decking Garden

Dino Decking composite deck boards were considered a safe and stylish choice for this garden transformation as they are designed to be non-slip, even when wet. Made from an eco-friendly combination of recycled timber and recycled plastic particles, the resulting anti-slip deck boards are also mould resistant to further minimise the risk of slipping, which was a concern for Harri who had a leg amputated after his diagnosis.

Composite Decking being Installed on ITV's Love Your Garden
Composite Decking Installation

Alan and the team were determined to create an easily manageable garden for Harri and Erica and rejected the option of a lawn as it required too much maintenance. Composite decking was included in the plan for similar reasons. While timber decking brings the authentic beauty of wood to outdoor spaces, composite decking is designed to provide the same natural beauty without requiring time-consuming annual maintenance. The garden’s original timber deck would have needed regular sanding, treating, painting and repairing to keep it in good condition. The new composite deck, on the other hand, won’t rot, split, warp or crack and needs minimal maintenance to keep it looking pristine – just an occasional sweep with a broom and wash with soapy water. The deck’s surface is also anti-splinter, which makes it safe for Harri’s beloved dogs to enjoy too.

Harri's Dog Bowls on ITV's Love Your Garden
Harri’s Dog Bowls

The finished wildlife garden included stylish steel garden screens, a waterfall feature wall, an outdoor cinema screen, a wildlife pond and an elegant stone bench. As a thoughtful finishing touch, Alan even included personalised dog bowls to place on the pet-friendly deck.

Full garden shot showing Composite Decking installed ITV's love your garden
Completed Garden – Love Your Garden S10EP1

Dino Decking were proud to be able to help Harri tick his dream garden off his bucket list, and we hope he and his family enjoy their time together in it.

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