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2,785 reviews on
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What is Composite Fencing?

Composite fencing is an innovative fencing solution, providing a durable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood fencing. Not only does it require minimal maintenance, but it also keeps its aesthetic appeal over time. In this blog, we look at what composite fencing is, and explore the advantages as well as potential challenges.

What is Composite Fencing Made From?

Composite fencing is crafted from a blend of recycled materials, including plastic and wood fibres. These composite materials undergo a process known as extrusion, wherein they are melted down and passed through a die to mould them into shape.

Dino Decking composite deck boards contain a mix of 55% recycled wood and 40% recycled HDPE plastic along with 5% additives which include colour, bonding agent etc.

How Long Does Composite Fencing Last?

With proper maintenance, composite fences can last up to 50 years. Unlike natural wood, composite fencing is resistant to issues like mould, fungus, insect degradation and moisture, contributing to its longevity. Additionally, traditional wood fencing is more susceptible to damage from high winds, which is one of the most common reasons that fencing needs to be replaced.

Key Benefits of Composite Fencing

Durability and Longevity

Composite fencing is highly durable and resistant to rot, decay, and warping, unlike wood fencing which can degrade over time due to weather exposure. This ensures that the fence maintains its structural integrity for many years, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements, and saving you time and money in the long term. 

Partnering with trusted suppliers like Dino Decking guarantees that composite fencing is backed by a reliable warranty. Our longstanding presence in the market since 2017 reinforces the credibility of this assurance, providing you with confidence and peace of mind. Because of our faith in our product, we extend a 10-year limited warranty on all our composite fencing boards.

Easy Installation

Many composite fencing systems are purposefully crafted for easy installation, often incorporating tongue and groove boards. This streamlined approach can significantly reduce both time and labour costs during the installation process when compared to traditional fencing materials.

Low Maintenance

Composite fencing also requires significantly less maintenance than wood fencing. With no need for painting, staining, or sealing, it offers homeowners a simplified upkeep experience. Despite efforts to restain timber fences for aesthetic enhancement, the majority of timber fences in the UK aren’t consistently maintained throughout the year. Whereas, composite fencing retains its visual appeal year-round with minimal maintenance required.

However, composite fencing still benefits from periodic cleaning in order to remove dirt, debris, and mildew build up. Simple cleaning with soap and water or a jet wash on a lighter setting is usually sufficient to keep composite fencing looking its best.

Environmentally Friendly

At Dino Decking, our composite fencing materials are crafted from recycled sources, comprising 55% recycled wood and 45% recycled timber, presenting an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood fencing. Our formula has undergone testing and refinement to ensure optimal quality and sustainability. While composite fencing may appear similar across different companies, it’s important to note that the formulas can vary significantly.

By utilising these materials, it removes the need to fell new trees, and reduces the amount of plastic ending up in landfills. Additionally, composite fencing shouldn’t be replaced often, which makes it a more sustainable option. 


While the traditional appearance of wood remains a key preference for some, modern composite fencing offers a natural wood finish, which often makes it indistinguishable from wood. There are a variety of wood effects on offer, including 3D emboss, and grain. 

Composite fencing is also available in a variety of colours, allowing customers to choose a colour that complements their property’s aesthetic. As mentioned, you won’t be required to paint composite fencing materials, as the colour of the boards or panels will be added during the manufacturing process. At Dino Decking, we offer all the most popular tones including grey, black and white.  


Composite fencing is engineered with safety as a top priority, featuring smooth surfaces and no exposed nails or screws. This makes it an ideal choice for families with children or pets who spend time in the garden. 

Strength and Stability

Composite fencing materials are designed to be strong and stable, making them suitable for various applications, including high-wind areas or installations on uneven terrain. This strength ensures that the fence stands up to environmental factors and maintains its appearance for years to come.

Potential Challenges of Composite Fencing

To fully understand “What is composite fencing?”, you should also be aware of any potential downsides. In this case, they are relatively few, and we will explain how they can be mitigated.


While composite fencing may entail a higher initial investment compared to traditional materials like wood, homeowners can weigh the long-term savings on maintenance and replacement expenses against this upfront cost. Additionally, the durability and longevity of composite fencing can offer further value over time, making it a worthwhile consideration for those prioritising longevity and reduced maintenance.

Fading Over Time

Depending on composition and supplier quality, exposure to sunlight and UV rays can cause some composite materials to fade or discolour over time. To mitigate this issue, you can choose composite fencing with the additional polymer coating, which offers further protection against this. Our water-resistant Dino Shield™ polymer sleeve boasts the thickest capped shell on the market in the UK, offering enhanced resistance against stains and mould, while ensuring minimal colour fade over time.

Potential for Scratching or Scuffing

Composite fencing may be vulnerable to scratching or scuffing, particularly in high-traffic zones or when exposed to abrasive substances. In order to minimise this risk, you can opt for composite fencing equipped with protective coatings, enhancing its resilience against such damage.


Composite fencing may be compatible with state concrete posts or accessories, such as gates. Homeowners considering a composite fence can explore options to integrate these components into their fencing project.

Composite Fencing at Dino Decking

We’ve discussed what composite fencing is, and why it’s such a popular choice for homeowners seeking a low maintenance and resilient alternative to traditional wood, that maintains a superior appearance all year round. While we’ve touched upon a few challenges, be assured that each one is manageable. Should any issues arise, we’re here to offer guidance on how to address them effectively. 
At Dino Decking, we provide high-quality composite fencing in six classic colours and three premium colours, at a length of 1.8m. Our fencing can be supplied with posts or without, depending on your needs. We also offer the option of purchasing individual parts, including bottom rails, fence boards and base plates.

Our composite fencing is made from eco-friendly recycled wood and plastic, and its dual faced smooth texture will not rot, warp or splinter. The fencing we provide is both strong and lightweight, and our panels are made up of horizontal slats, which are quick and easy to install. We also provide optional trellis top screens with 4 different designs, including Mosaic and Botanic. Browse our composite fencing today, and transform your outdoor space.

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